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Need More Help

Need More Help

For soil testing, soil fertility, fertilizers, animal waste nutrients related questions, contact:
Hailin Zhang - Soil Testing/Nutrient Management
Brian Arnall - Precision Nutrient Management Extension
Bill Raun - Nutrient Management/Precision Ag.

Cropping Systems and Oil Seed Crop Production, contact:
Josh Lofton - Cropping Systems Specialist
Jason Warren - Soil and water conservation and management

For crop production, contact:
Alex Rocateli - Forage Legume
Alex Rocateli - Forage and Pasture
Seth Byrd - Cotton
Amanda de Oliveira Silva- Wheat, Small Grains
Laura Goodman - Rangeland

For drinking water, pond water, irrigation water, on-site waste water, contact:

Vogel, Jason - Storm Water Extension
Sergio Abit - onsite wastewater treatment
Marley Beem, - Aquaculture Specialist
Saleh Taghvaeian - Irrigation and Water Resources
Hailin Zhang - Water testing and interpretations

For vegetables, flowers, lawn, golf courses, fruit crops contact:
David Hillock - Consumer Horticulture (lawn, garden, etc.)
Lynn Brandenberger - Vegetables
Dennis Martin - Turfgrass
Becky Carroll - Pecan, grapes, Ornamentals

For pests related questions, contact:
Misha Manuchehri - Small Grains Weed Specialist
Todd Baughman - Weed Science
Tom Royer - IPM, insects
Robert Hunger - Plant Diseases
- Turf and Horticultural Epidemiology
Eric Rebek - Ornamental/Turfgrass Pest Insects

For animal nutrition, contact:

David Lalman - Extension Beef Cattle Specialist
Noah Litherland - Extension Dairy Specialist
Kris Hiney - Equine Specialist
Selk, Glenn - Animal Reprod. Specialist

For animal waste management, contact:
Doug Hamilton - Extension Waste Management Specialist
Hailin Zhang - Nutrient Management Specialist
Rachel Allen - Poultry Waste Management

For lime, fertilizer and soil amendments rules and testing, contact:

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forest Laboratory

Other laboratories in the area:
Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Plant Disease and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory
State Environmental Laboratory (DEQ)