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Publications related to Soil Testing

PSS-2117 Forage Quality Interpretations

PSS-2132 No-till Wheat Production in Oklahoma

PSS-2207 How to get a Good Soil Sample

PSS-2225 Soil Test Interpretations

PSS-2226 Salt Tolerance of Different Crops

PSS-2228 Fertilizer Nutrients in Animal Manure

PSS-2229 Soil pH and Buffer Index

PSS-2237 Sulfur Requirements of Oklahoma Crops

PSS-2239 Causes and Effects of Soil Acidity

PSS-2240 Managing Acid Soils for Wheat Production

PSS-2248 Sampling Animal Manure

PSS-2276 Background Metal Concentrations in Oklahoma Soils

PSS-2401 Classification of Irrigation Water Quality

PSS-2589 Collecting Forage Samples for Analysis

PSS-2901 Procedures Used by OSU Soil, Water, & Forage

PSS-2902 What Soil, Forage or Water Test Do You Need?

PSS-2903 Nitrate Toxicity in Livestock

PSS-2904 Prussic Acid Poisoning

PSS-2912 Drinking Water Testing

PSS-2917 Phosphorus and Water Quality

HLA-6000 Fertilizing Commercial Vegetables

HLA-6007 Improving Garden Soil Fertility

HLA-6232 Fertilizing Pecan and Fruit Trees

HLA-6036 Soil Test Interpretations for Vegetable Crops


Current Report

CR-2274 Oklahoma Agriculture Soil Test Summary 2009-2013

CR-2283 Oklahoma Agriculture Soil Test Summary 2014-2017

Production Technology

PT 1998-7 Animal Manure Can Raise Soil pH

PT 1998-8 Animal Manure and Soil Quality

PT 1998-18 How Phosphorus Addition and Removal Affecting Soil Test P Index

PT 1999-16 Quick Plant Nitrate Testing

PT 2000-10 Liming Raises Soil pH and Increases Winter Wheat Forage Yields

PT 2001-21 Plant Nutrients in Rainfall

PT 2001-22 Hay and Forage Sampling

PT 2002-10 Understanding Your Soil Test Report

PT 2002-15 The Risk of Not Liming

PT 2002-24 Poultry Litter Quality Criteria

PT 2002-28 Estimating the Volume and Bulk Density of Poultry Litter in the House

PT 2003-1   Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

PT 2003-5   SOP for Collecting and Handling Soil Samples in Oklahoma

PT 2003-6   A Sweatless Soil Sampler

PT 2003-8   Lime Acid Soils: What You Should and Should not Expect

PT 2004-6   Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations for Canola in Oklahoma

PT 2005-1  Watch Canola Nitrate Closely before Grazing

PT 2005-3  Get Your N-rich Strip out Early

PT 2005-9  Do N Fertilizer Sources and Timing of Application Affect Winter Wheat Yields and Profits?

PT 2006-1 Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations for Cowpeas in Oklahoma

Leaflets and Others

L-241 Testing Services and Price List: Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory

L-256 Livestock and Poultry Drinking Water Quality: Understanding Your Water Test Report

L-296 Understanding Your Household Water Test Report

L-297 Interpreting Soil Salinity Analyses

L-323 Understanding Your Irrigation Water Test Report

L-346 Responsible Lawn Care

L-420 Water Quality Testing and Fish Health


Interpretation of Pecan Leaf Analysis

Oklahoma NRCS Technical Guides

OK NRCS Cost-Share Lime and Fertilizer Recommendation

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