Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory (SWFAL)

Submitting a Sample

Submitting a Sample

Where to Submit Samples for Analysis

The OSU Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory works in conjunction with the Oklahoma Cooperation Extension Service.  To help serve the state of Oklahoma with testing Services, each County Extension Office is set up to take samples for analysis.  You are encouraged to take your sample to your local County Extension Office.

Step 1.  Obtain the proper sample bag/container from the local County Extension office.  It is important for samples to be in the correct containers.
  1. Properly sampled soil should be put in a soil bag.  Please fill the bag.  The Lab WILL NOT accept a bag less than half full.
  2. Water should be put in the 4 oz plastic water bottles
  3. Forage/Solid Feed/Plant Tissue should be put in the Forage Bags.  Liquid feed(can only run Protein) should be put in the 4 oz plastic bottle.
  4. Animal waste Solid/Compost must be put in two plastic zip bags.  Liquid should be put in the 8 oz plastic container and only filled half; then the plastic container should be put in a zip bag.  Liquid animal waste has a tendency to expand and can explode in transit.  The plastic zip bag can help keep everything contained and not lost in transit. 
Step 2.  Properly Collect the sample (click on sample type)

 A.  Soil Sample

 B.  Water Sample

  1. Obtain a clean 4 oz water bottle from the County Extension office.
  2. Go to the water source that you want to test.
  3. Fill the water bottle half way, shake and rinse the bottle and pour out.
  4. Repeat step c. three more times
  5. Finally fill the bottle as full as possible getting all air out of the bottle.  Cap and submit to county.

 C.  Forage Sample

 D.  Animal Waste and Compost Samples

  F. Plant Tissue Samples  (These samples should be put in forage bags.)

Step 3.  Clearly mark what test is required on the sample bag tag.  If you are not sure what test is needed, your local County Extension can assist with questions.  They are there to help!

Step 4.  Take the sample to the Extension Office.  Payment is expected at time of sample drop off.  Click here for a list of Services and Price List.

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