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Soil Test Interpretation

Soil Test Interpretation Documents


Soil Test Interpretation Documents

PSS-2225 Soil Test Interpretations

HLA-6036 Soil Test Interpretation for vegetable crops

OK NRCS Cost-Share Lime and Fertilizer Recommendation

Grape Petiole Sampling

Grape Petiole Interpretation

Interpretation of Pecan Leaf Analysis


OSU Soil Test Interpretation and
Fertilizer Decision-Support Computer Program

This program provides fertilizer rates to meet the crop nutrient needs based on soil test results. The program will analyze the gross return based of commodity prices and fertilizer costs for P and K applications. It also calculates the value and application rates of animal manure as a nutrient source for specific field conditions.

It requires Java Web Start to run the program. If this is your first time to use it, please check Overview and Installation before you run the program.


Soil Test Interpretation Program

(including Fertilizer Blending, Cost Calculator, and Nutrient Value of poultry Litter and other Animal Waste)

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